The Anthropologist In Me

Fórum Arte Braga, until 02 September 2018

The anthropologist in me. Culture events in BragaWith the curatorship of Duarte Sequeira and Guilherme Braga da Cruz, “The anthropologist in me” proposes to be a shared space of liminality, an occupation of the flow and transformation by which we determine and intervene in the mechanisms of which exhibitions, works of art, audiences and are integrated. Simultaneously building and deconstructing from each work of art, the exhibition uses classic moments of institutional manifestation, keeping elements suspended of provisional character. Developed in direct collaboration with artists, private and institutional collections, the exhibition brings together a group of international artists from different generations, who over time has developed practices of rupture, based on thoughts of cultural anthropology. The exhibition features work by British acting and conceptual art duo Gilbert & George, Scots Douglas Gordon, Martin Boyce, Jim Lambie and Eva Rotschild. The first three winners of the internationally renowned artistic prize, the Turner Prize, Tate Modern in London in 1986, 1996 and 2011 respectively. The exhibition also features works by Brazilian photographer and director Miguel Rio Branco, the English sculptor Gary Webb and the Austrian artist Franz West. In all, 15 works by 9 artists, in painting, sculpture, photography, video and installation format, are presented.

Forum Arte Braga is an institutional gallery curated by InvestBraga and Forum Braga, founded in 2018, with the aim of displaying Portuguese and international artists in a context favorable to critical dialogue and cross-pollination. The central axis of the gallery’s programming is a concern for regional and individual differences, while promoting cosmopolitanism and collaboration. Inspired by the belief that artistic practice is capable of expanding the scope of human performance and has the power to touch and transform the world. The Art Forum, under the artistic direction of Duarte Sequeira and Guilherme Braga da Cruz, cultivates a program whose main premises are conceptualism, intellectual rigor and concern for the future.