Mercatus Romanus

Streets of the historic center, since 23 May 2018 until 27 May 2018 from 10.00 ás 24.00

Mercatus Romanus - A medieval fair on the streets of BragaArtisans and merchants

Through several streets of the historic center, the Mercatus Romanus expands and in it can be appreciated and acquired various products such as metals, pottery, weaving, bijouterie, basketry, glass, stone, leather, carpentry, natural products and food.


Throughout the market the visitor can interact with the best blacksmiths, carpenters, potters, leather tanners, doctors, notice the art of salting, drying the fish and the mysteries of the Garum (the famous fish sauce that seasoned the daily food of the Romans) and experience the minting of the coin in different plateau and officiorum.